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SIP Open Day 2019 - 25 Years SIP Scootershop

On Saturday 4 May 2019 the annual SIP Open Day took place again in Landsberg. More than 1,000 visitors had an enjoyable start into the scooter season, despite the unpleasant weather.

Scooter riders came from Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and England. Stan had the longest journey from York in the North of England, who rode all the way on his Vespa.

All day long there was vinyl sound by DJ Leo Ernst (Atomic Café Munich) as well as delicious pizza, grill and drinks from the Siperia. There was also the possibility to have the performance of ones scooter measured exactly on a test bench.

If you'd like to join in on the fun the SIP Open Day 2020 will take place on May, 9:

Here is a video of the Vespa Acrobatics Show:

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