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Modern Tires for Classic Vespas

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Our friends at SIP have developed a new generation of tires for your vintage scooter.

The SIP Classic tire is the only classic tread pattern tubeless tire available that is certified for use at up to 150 km/h. Our very own SIP tires are also equipped with modern features and are extremely good value for money.

The Vespa & Lambretta tuning scene creating increasingly rapid scooter projects and the development of the SIP tubeless rims demands the production of a tire to match. A higher speed rating, tubeless, but including a suitably styled tread pattern. Together with Vee Rubber, we created a unique tire : The SIP Classic tyre.

The design of this 8” & 10“ tyre is based upon the tried and tested VRM 108 from Vee Rubber, which already enjoys great popularity amongst the 'Faro Basso' Vespisti. It possesses very good riding qualities, even in wet conditions. The deep profile also allows a higher mileage to be realised and the 'P' rating makes them legal for road use up to 150 kph! A true novelty for tyres of this size as previous versions were restricted to be used at speeds up to 100 kph. The high load index 53 permits putting more weight on the scooter, than with all other tires in the market. This makes the tyres the first choice for tuned scooters.

Most Vespa tyres also require the use of an inner tube (TT), and are not for use on tubeless rims. Our SIP Classic tyres are designed after ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) for our new tubeless aluminium wheel rims, making any tubes redundant. Information: Vee Rubber certifies that this SIP tubeless tire can be use as Tube Tire and Tubeless.

They are available in sets of three, which also helps to reduce the overall cost. If you wish to save yourself the hassle of assembly there are also sets of pre-mounted tires available, already fitted to the new SIP Classic rims! Plug & Play!

The SIP Classic tyres represent the first choice option for all vintage Vespa riders at almost unbeatable value for money!




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