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Vespa Club of America - Scooter Relief Fund

helmet (1) (1).jpg was born out of the slow-motion disaster so many of us watched play-out on television in the late summer of 2005 as Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans. We had friends there, our club mates, people that we had rallied with. We needed to help our people.

In the years following Hurricane Katrina we have worked with clubs and individuals to raise funds for many of our scooter-loving brothers and sisters who have been the victims of accidents, or medical emergencies.

In an effort to keep the mission of alive, the Vespa Club of America acquired in 2017 and is now responsible for oversight & management of this amazing program. We hope to take what this wonderful group of individuals started more than a decade ago & keep the kindness going for many years to come!

Donating to the VCOA Scooter Relief Fund helps fellow scooterists in times of need. Every dollar helps! The VCOA Scooter Relief Fund offers grant assistance for those in life crises such as accidents, natural disasters, and more. 

If you are the victim of an accident, natural disaster or medical emergency, the VCOA through the Scooter Relief Fund may be able to help. Our mission is to provide support to members of the scooter community.

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