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SIP Rollerwallfahrt Landsberg 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

25 years SIP Scootershop - Customscooters, Openday, Joyride and Tacho Karacho. Lots of events and now a scooter pilgrimage. Really?

Yes, of course, we have worked a lot in recent years, developed parts, talked to thousands of scooterists on the phone and packed packages until night. We have produced videos, catalogues and flyers, supported events and organized them ourselves. But whether everything ultimately leads to peace and success and doesn't deprive you of the fun of your hobby is another matter. Success is not everything. To be able to go to work in the morning happily, to have contact to scooter riders from all over the world and to help the design icon Vespa not to disappear from our streets is a privilege.

With this scooter pilgrimage we wanted to express our thanks that not everything is taken for granted, not everything grows on our own crap, some things just happen. In our daily work here at SIP Scootershop, but also in our private life.

On 14. september 2019 about 200 scooter riders gathered at SIP Scootershop in Landsberg for the 1st scooter pilgrimage. Some wanted a nice end of season ride, others a fun day. But most of them liked this thought, to say thank you to God for the good and to ask him for help for the heavy things everyone carries around with them. Early in the morning we celebrated a mass together with Father Karl Klein from Altenstadt in our team kitchen. The young priest himself is a passionate scooterist. Some of the members of the team participated musically and contentwise. Afterwards the scooter blessing took place. Our 150 medals with magnet for the Vespa with the picture of the Mother of God of the High Peißenberg were sold out in no time.

After the holy water we went to the Corso. This time not direction Ammersee but over the beautiful Foxvalley along the old roman Via Claudia over the river Lech towards Birkland. A great route through the moraine landscape, formed by the glaciers of the last ice age. Curves, narrow roads, small villages. 20 km south of Landsberg a landscape like in the deepest mountains.

Above on the Peissenberg then a view over the Ammersee to the north and in the south the Alpine ridge lay at feet. Life can be simple: sun, great people and a burger.

Finally we celebrated a thanksgiving service in the church. It is not only a Joyride, but a pilgrimage. Father Friedeman Steck of the Protestant student community Munich was now also present. Father Steck always organizes the big Munich Vespa Corso on Ascension Day. The next one will take place as Benefiz Corso on 28 September 2019.

A beautiful conclusion of a successful day, which shyly started as an experiment and ended with a grin.

Thanks to all of you who were there!

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