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Muc Off Scooter Wash

by: Josh Rogers

I don’t know about you but I dread washing my scooters. Even though I dust them in my Garage occasionally they need a proper wash.  You know the drill get the bucket out get the hose and go to town. My wife’s bike was particularly dirty so I started with that. But I had a new cleaning agent MUC OFF. So I wanted to give it a go. My wife’s bike was covered in bugs and bird droppings. I basically sprayed on this Pink MUC OFF waited 5 minutes and hosed it down to my amazement 98% of the stuff on the bike came right off. I took my trusty MUC OFF sponge and finished off the rest. I was completely amazed that cleaning my bike could be so simple.  I’m a convert. MUC OFF has a lot of brushes and helmet cleaners and finishing products and I’ll be giving each of them a try.

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