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Ride Cool Roads, Earn a Cool Patch!

During Amerivespa in Lake Geneva this June, several of our routes will travel on at least ten of Wisconsin’s “Rustic Roads”, a program run by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, enough to earn the patch offered by the program. All of the rustic roads we will be traveling on are paved. Each of these roads offers winding, twisty roads perfect for scooters, with great views and lower speeds. These roads include all of the roads in walworth county, as well as some in Racine, Kenosha, Rock, and Green counties, depending on which rides you attend. Information about the program, and links to downloadable maps, are included below.

Learn more about the Rustic Roads Program at these links:

Wisconsin Rustic Roads - Google My Maps

Channel 6 News Story about the Rustic Roads Program

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