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Vespa opens pop-up dealership in Detroit's Fisher Building

Detroit's newest pop-up business is focused on transportation, style and fun.

(Photo: Peacock Room)

A temporary Vespa dealership opened Thursday in the lobby of the Fisher Building. The Peacock Room, a women's clothing and accessories boutique also in the Fisher, will serve as a showroom for the speedy motorbikes.

The dealership will be set up through April 15, 2019. Interested consumers can sign up for test drives for a $10 donation to the Michigan Humane Society.

The Peacock Room's owner, Rachel Lutz, partnered with the Joe Ricci Automotive Group, metro Detroit’s exclusive Vespa dealer, in creating the dealership.

* This article is written and distributed by the Detroit Free Press, it was not written by the Vespa Club of America. Credit for this article goes to Detriot Free Press. * Photo is courtesy of the Peacock Room. *

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