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San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Just wrapped up and it was a record year for scooter sightings. If you aren't familiar with SDCC, it’s the largest Pop culture event in the world.

Over 100,000 attendees pounce on San Diego to geek out on all the latest in comics, movies, TV, video games, toys, and more. Pop culture is stronger than ever with the likes of Disney leading the way with Marvel and Star Wars properties (The Force is Strong in this one), the WB with DC, and Hasbro with GI Joe and Transformers (Transformers did have the Squeak scooter toy last year), there’s a lot to take in.

So what do scooters have to do with comics? Well as it turns out, scooters seem to be riding the whole pop culture wave (Check out Deadpool 2). I was really blown away to see so many scooter related products this year. In years past I would stumble across a few random items here and there, but this year was massive.

Scooter West even got on board, with a Comic Con book signing hosted by Vespa Motorsport.

Writer Shahriar Fouladi and Bart Mendoza were both on hand to sign their new book “The Scooter Chronicles”. We also enjoyed a live performance by Manual Scan, San Diego’s original Mod band. It was a great way to kick off Comic Con, scooter style. Pick up a copy at Here

Here’s a quick walk around the Comic Con exhibit hall spotting all the rad scooter items it had to offer.

We’ll start with the best one first. This model is hard to describe with words (you have to see it to believe it), but it is just amazing. This is a 1/4th scale Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn on a 1952 Vespa Faro Basso (about 20” tall). The detail of the scooter is amazing, it even looks like it could run. This is a prototype and has not been approved yet, but you can sign up on their email list to be the 1st to preorder yours when they are ready to get released. Be warned they will be very expensive (same price as a real Vespa) and will take a long time to get delivered after you preorder (6 to 8 months).

Next up from the same company, Sideshow Toys brings us Lady Deadpool. This HUGE statue is stunning and available NOW. At a whopping $675, you can get Lady Deadpool standing on what looks like a crushed Vespa SS 180. It’s a lot of money, but looks amazing and would make the ultimate center piece for any scooter/Deadpool fan.

On the much, much, much, cheaper scale is the “Deadpool on a Scooter” Pop! Figure. These are also currently available and range from $12 to $20. You can find them at most larger comic book shops or online retailers (eBay, Amazon, etc.).

From the comic book side comes the only comic book I saw this year, Deadly Class #29. This was their Pride edition and can be found at most comic book stores, SRP $3.99. Here’s the link for more details.

There were also a few prints from the SDCC.

Eric Joyner is would famous for his surreal images of robots and donuts. Why Robots and Donuts? I really don’t know, but here’s his website if you would like to order this amazing print. He also has a Lambretta print as well.

Our final item from this year’s Comic Con comes via our good friend at Brute Force. Thomas Willeford. He custom built his 1974 150 Super in the Fallout theme and it looks incredible. He made a very limited number of these photo prints, in fact there are only 25 available and I’m not sure if he has any left, but you can contact Thomas through his website or via Facebook. He’s also working a comic that will feature the Vespa.

Check out all the other cool leather items he makes, available on his Etsy Store.

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes open for any scooter product sightings and send them to VCOA so we can be share them with the scooter world… and remember to “Vespa. Everywhere.”

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