San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Just wrapped up and it was a record year for scooter sightings. If you aren't familiar with SDCC, it’s the largest Pop culture event in the world.

Over 100,000 attendees pounce on San Diego to geek out on all the latest in comics, movies, TV, video games, toys, and more. Pop culture is stronger than ever with the likes of Disney leading the way with Marvel and Star Wars properties (The Force is Strong in this one), the WB with DC, and Hasbro with GI Joe and Transformers (Transformers did have the Squeak scooter toy last year), there’s a lot to take in.

So what do scooters have to do with comics? Well as it turns out, scooters seem to be riding the whole pop culture wave (Check out Deadpool 2). I was really blown away to see so many scooter related products this year. In years past I would stumble across a few random items here and there, but this year was massive.

Scooter West even got on board, with a Comic Con book signing hosted by Vespa Motorsport.