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NVPD Winners - Congratulations, VooDoo Scoots!

Congratulations to VooDoo Scoots of New Orleans, LA who won this year's National Vespa Parade Day! We saw many cities participate, some with 1 rider, some with 4 or 6 and as many as 40+! Way to represent your Vespa pride and to make the first National Vespa Parade Day a success.

We saw so many smiles and much fun being had, we hope that this event grows next year into more cities and adds more scooterists!

Want to see what pushed this group over the edge into the winning spot? Fast forward the video to about 9:30 and watch as this group participates in a second line in true New Orleans fashion.

Follow us on Instagram for more #NVPD fun and to see other riders. @vespaclubofamerica and @amerivespa. Check us out on FaceBook too!

VooDoo Scoots NVPD Winning Moment

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