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National Vespa Parade Day is Tomorrow!

Here is a list of the National Vespa Parade Day events we know about. If there isn't an event in your area... get out and ride and make it an event!

Phoenix Scooter Club - Phoenix, Arizona

Smutty Nose Brewing - Hampton, New Hampshire

Los Angeles, CA

Local Los Angeles Vespa Parade/Ride details:

8:00 to 9:00 AM: Meet in the parking lot of the Culver City Costco (Lincoln & Washington) parking lot (southwest corner close to Verizon and Starbucks). Say hi to old friends, get to know new ones, admire the scooters and prepare to ride.

Summer Scooter Spectacle - New Orlean, LA

The 315 Scooter Enthusiasts - Syracuse, NY

Two Bit Scooter Club - Salt Lake City, UT

Sportique Scooters - Boulder, CO

Mighty Ohio Scooter Club - Cincinnati, OH

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