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National Vespa Parade Day is Tomorrow!

Here is a list of the National Vespa Parade Day events we know about. If there isn't an event in your area... get out and ride and make it an event!

Vespa Motorsport - San Diego, CA

San Francisco Bay Area multiple scooter club MLB Game at AT&T Park

AF1 Racing - Austin, Texas

Phoenix Scooter Club - Phoenix, Arizona

Smutty Nose Brewing - Hampton, New Hampshire

Los Angeles, CA

Local Los Angeles Vespa Parade/Ride details:

8:00 to 9:00 AM: Meet in the parking lot of the Culver City Costco (Lincoln & Washington) parking lot (southwest corner close to Verizon and Starbucks). Say hi to old friends, get to know new ones, admire the scooters and prepare to ride.

Moto El Paso - El Paso, Texas

Summer Scooter Spectacle - New Orlean, LA

Gem City Rollers - Dayton Ohio

The 315 Scooter Enthusiasts - Syracuse, NY

Two Bit Scooter Club - Salt Lake City, UT

Sportique Scooters - Boulder, CO

Mighty Ohio Scooter Club - Cincinnati, OH


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