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What's Your Scooter Story?

The annual Amerivespa Rally is always a great scooter event! But anyone who has ever attended an Amerivespa knows that it isn't about the scooters it's about the people! Amerivespa brings Scooterati together from all over America and the world. Some are old friends that have known each other for years and some are great friends that we just met! We had a great time asking people, "What is your scooter story?"

We'll start with one of our hosts Seven Hills Scooter Club President Emeritus Anthony:

Then we spoke to Gwen and Max at the Moto Richmond / Scoot Richmond kick off mixer:

Meet Warren from Kentucky:

First time Amerivespa attendee "Phil"

Fledermaus from Wisconsin

Can owning a scooter improve your life? Meet "Sandi" from New Jersey

Meet "Eric"

Scooter sweethearts "Cynthia and Christian"

"Chuck" from North Carolina - Another Amerivespa first timer!

Meet "Bagel" fresh off the Scooter Cannonball Run!

"Andi" from Philadelphia

Former Vespa Club of America President "Mike"

"Papafern" from New York City and Argentina

As we said Amerivespa is about getting friends together old and new.

Now that you have met some of the Amerivespa 2018 attendees doesn't it make you want to come to Amerivespa 2019 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin?