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Review - Zipper Rescue Kit

Does your riding jacket have a broken zipper? The Moto Kit from Zipper Rescue might be just what you need to fix up your riding gear and get you back on the road. According to Zipper Rescue “Most zippers fail because the slider wears out, falls off or breaks!” Zippers come in all shapes and sizes and the kit includes a selection of replacement parts to fix most commonly used zippers and complete instructions on how to solve most zipper problems. It was easy to replace the slider on a well worn four year old ADV jacket. The kit came with enough parts that it is sure to come in handy the next time there is a zipper related wardrobe malfunction. We tested out the Moto Kit, but they have specific kits to repair Clothing, Outdoor Gear (think tents and sleeping bags) even Boat covers! Kits run about $12 and can be purchased direct at or on Amazon.

Zipper Rescue Kit

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