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Corazzo: Your Source for Vegan Friendly Motorcycle Gear

Cows rejoice at Corazzo’s huge line of Vegan-Friendly Motorcycle and Scooter Riding Gear

You don’t have to be Vegan to appreciate Corazzo’s full line of Vegan friendly motorcycle and scooter riding gear.

Eating habits are a lifestyle choice and those choices come in all kinds of different varieties. Whether you are a Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Carnivore or Vegan, you have made a choice on how you want to live within this world we share. If you are uncertain as to what those all mean, it’s an escalating scale that even includes different subsets within those groups but for the purposes of this blog, we will stick to the main ones.

  • Carnivore-this one is simple; you eat meat along with fruits and vegetables.

  • Pescatarian-Someone who does not eat meat but does eat fish.

  • Vegetarian-Someone who does not eat meat, including fish

  • Vegan-Someone who does not eat meat, fish or anything that comes from animals. This includes milk and cheese. They also make a conscious effort to avoid anything produced from animals such as leather based products.

There are also a few universal truths and even some preferences that can trickle down from Veganism. All Carnivores, Pescatarians, and Vegetarians can eat a Vegan meal or choose to purchase goods that are not produced from animals. All Vegans cannot eat a meal prepared for Carnivores, Pescatarians or Vegetarians.

With those universal truths in mind, Corazzo’s Vegan friendly collection of motorcycle and scooter riding gear and accessories can be worn by anyone regardless of their lifestyle choice.

To see a full list of Corazzo's Vegan friendly apparel options click HERE.

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