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A Gathering of Like Minds: Can We Talk? Amerivespa 2018

I had no idea you were out there.

Sure, I’d seen scooters zipping around here and there, but I didn’t know there was more to it than that. I didn’t realize they were all connected. For a writer that practices her craft based on making genuine connections with folks, I am in heaven. Could there be anything better? Oh, yeah. I’m headed to Amerivespa in Richmond, and I can’t wait to talk to you.

Here’s the thing, I took two things that some may think have nothing in common, and mashed them together into In my mind, they complement each other beautifully.

Dogs? Scooters? Huh?

Dogs and scooters are the ultimate way to connect with folks. I may not know you, but dog owners and scooter riders feel a sense of kinship with each other. A feeling that we’re all in this together.

As a south central PA gal, I’ve passed riders on Harleys for years. Manufactured in York, PA, Harley Davidson is south central Pennsylvania. And then I got my Vespa, and the folks on Harleys would lift a hand when we passed. And then they’d come over when we parked and strike up a conversation. The first time we pulled off our helmets and a big, ole Harley guy dressed head to toe in leathers, came over to admire my husband’s MP3, you could have knocked me over with a pin. How cool is that? Not the knocking over part, the conversation part. ;) We now had a common thread to connect.

No Pets, well not in the seat anyway. But everywhere else.

And dogs? Well, they literally make connections with new folks a walk in the park. Hi, can I pet your dog? Is that a beagle? And we’re off and running. I’m seriously on my husband now to track down a sidecar for my scooter, although it’s possible what I really need is a trailer, considering there are four beagles and no one wants to be left behind!

Here’s the thing: your life will be so much sweeter when you interact and connect with new folks.

Studies show that even little interactions (Is that a granturismo? or How old is your pup?) make a huge difference. They make us feel connected to a community and part of a bigger picture. Bottom line? Connecting makes us happier.

Amerivespa, here we come!

So I’m headed to Amerivespa to connect with some amazing folks on two (or three) wheels and hopefully I’ll catch up with some new four-legged friends as well. I’m bringing my broadcasting equipment that works on the fly to record and share some conversations, some insights, some laughter and create a few new episodes of the DogLoversPodcast.

In a world that can be kinda crazy, I want to get together and share the good stuff that’s out there. One story at a time. Everyone has a story to tell; they just need someone to listen.

I’ll see you in Richmond come June. Can we talk?

To read more from Deborah, check out her blog:

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