Ferry Rides and the River Road

The heavens smiled on me and Lucrezia had no major issues detected by the shop. After a million test starts and test rides, my mechanic chalked it up to a battery connection issue and said I should be good to go. This being my first cold season with the scoot, he gave me some tips on cold-weather starting (give it some throttle while pressing the starter) and riding (get it over 1/4 on the temp gauge before going over 40 or so), and recommended a battery tender setup for the winter.

A few days later, my husband and I set off on a little road trip for our anniversary. Our destination wasn’t particularly far away – a cabin at a winery in Grafton, Illinois – but I mapped our route to make the most of the fall foliage, the river views, and some little-used back roads.

We left the city heading west instead of east, to get on Hwy 94 in St. Charles. North of St. Charles, we took Hwy B even further west, to the Golden