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VCOA Membership Partner Alert: Corazzo Releases the 6.0 Jacket

Updating a Classic

The original Corazzo 5.0 motorcycle and scooter riding jacket launched in 2004 and quickly became the standard riding jacket for anyone who wanted a a stylish jacket with improved visibility and the protection. It is the jacket that put Corazzo on the map and has kept us there ever since.

We knew we needed to update the 5.0 as technologies evolved so in 2014, we began the process of designing the 6.0. We knew the new jacket was going to have a lot to live up to but we were confident that our design team could not only meet the needs of the 5.0 loyalists but could blow those expectations out of the water without abandoning the 5.0’s appeal or losing it’s loyal followers.

Stay Cool When it’s Warm

The first thing we addressed when designing the 6.0 was how to make it usable in a variety of temperatures without being too hot or cold. This was achieved by doing two things: ventilation for warm weather and a removable full-sleeve liner for colder weather. The core of ventilation on motorcycle jackets is vents. Vents can come in a variety of sizes and in different places to serve different jobs. For the 6.0, we utilized under-arm zippers as an intake and back zippers as an exhaust. The idea being that when you are riding your motorcycle or scooter, your arms are going to be out and forward. The wind naturally enters into your armpits during this time, which is why they are an intake.

As for the exhaust, those serve 2 functions. As the cooler air enters your jacket through the under arm intake vents, it picks up that heat your body is generating and exits out the back of the jacket through the exhaust vents. It also prevents your jacket from filling with air since without them the air that comes in through the intakes would just inflate your jacket until you like a grape riding a pencil. If you have ever seen someone wearing a faux-leather jacket while riding a motorcycle, you will know exactly what I mean.

Stay Warm When it’s Cool

The liner for the 6.0 needed to be warm without adding bulk to the shell. This is important for comfort and also travel as you may need to remove it during your ride and it needs to pack down small during those times. Being that we are Corazzo, we couldn’t just design a simple liner as that would have been too easy so we designed a whole jacket instead!

The 6.0 liner also has a few key features to help make it the best liner on the market today. As you can see, the cuffs are extra long and have thumb cutaways. During extremely cold weather, you can slip your thumbs into these and put your gloves on over them for an added layer of insulation on your hands. When not being used, they can be folded up so they are out of your way. We also made sure the collar could be zipped up to cover your neck in extremely cold conditions.

We also made sure it used the same zipper system as our Vest liner (sold separately) so you have the option of wearing a vest, the full sleeve or removing the liner completely. I personally have found this extremely handy and most often wear my liner without sipping it into the jacket. This way when I arrive at my destination, I can pull off the shell and and still wear the liner when I am at dinner, etc. This is especially great during long distance touring as it’s just one less thing to pack in your limited available carrying space.

Fit is Everything

When riding a motorcycle or scooter, you want a jacket that is comfortable without being too tight but not so baggy that you look like a little kid wearing Dad’s suit jacket. You also might need to layer and that require