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Sidecars on Tour

Sidways Tour Company Singapore - Vespa Club of America

Whether in a foreign town for a day or an extended stay, tourists have found the use of organized excursions a worthwhile undertaking.

In many cities, payment for a day-long pass with hop-on-hop-off busses – usually double-decker – has proved a hit. In other places, tourists hop on trollies or hire a taxi or car service-based offering to see a quick glimpse of the sites.

But, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely a fan of two-wheeled transportation. Me, too.

Sidways Tour Company Singapore - Vespa Club of America

That’s why the Sideways Tour Company of Singapore sounds like such a great opportunity.

Sideways, hailed as the world’s first vintage sidecar tour service, is the brainchild of a British-born entrepreneur who, with support from vintage Vespa retailer Triquetra Sidecar Experiences, launched the offering earlier this year.

The service seats the client in a classic Vespa sidecar rig and guides them on a tour to see tourist attractions and local landmarks. Offerings include 30-minute, one-hour and half-day tours, as well as customizable tours.

Seems like a neat idea, and certainly an offering one could imagine in places like San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., etc.

You can learn more about Sideways Tour Company of Singapore HERE.

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