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S.I.P. Spare Parts Enhanced Offerings

We have greatly enhanced our range of spare parts for 4-stroke 125-200cc Star/ Stella/ Via Toscana/ Bella Donna/ Speedy models.

The LML Vespa is a great, affordable introduction to the Vespa scene. As such, we have expanded our range to include to LML 4-stroke models and offer an entire supply of spare parts for the Star models, for example. What’s more, a large number of Vespa parts in our range are also suitable for the LML models, and vice versa. The quality of LML vehicles and parts has greatly improved over the past years and they have also become a PIAGGIO supplier. Unfortunately, LML began to restructure the company once again in 2016, meaning on occasion they are either slow to supply parts, or they are uncertain whether they can. However, as we have great stock availability, we can hopefully bypass this process without any supply shortages.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

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