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AV Sponsor Spotlight - Cheeky Seats

VCOA and the Amerivespa team are excited to announce Cheeky Seats as a returning veteran Amerivespa 2017 sponsor!

Cheeky Seats is a small boutique tailoring company specializing in hand crafted seat covers and accessories for scooterists. They personally make all the items you see on their website. Nothing is factory made or outsourced. Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

About Cheeky Seats.... Rafa

Rafa is a 3rd Generation Tailor. Born in Puebla, Mexico, he learned to sew in the family business, making blue jeans. His experience and knowledge of sewing techniques and construction is nothing short of incredible.

Rafa rides a 2003 Stella 2T, but can sometimes be caught tootling around town on a Honda Metropolitan. Rafa is also an accomplished dancer, and makes killer authentic Mexican food. He likes to take selfies.

About Cheeky Seats.... Suzy

Howdy. I'm Suzy and unlike Rafa, I grew up going to summer camp and learning how to make things with popsicle sticks and macrame. I started sewing to make my own bohemian clothes in "Home Economics", which was exceedingly uncool at the time.

I later went on to get a BFA in Sculpture from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. As part of that curriculum, I spent a year living in Rome, Italy, where I fell in love with scooters. I was mesmerized by the riders; impeccably clad men and women coming and going with such ease and grace. They made life look so...effortless. I would sit in the cafe and watch them glide by, and daydream of living that lifestyle. Little did I know that one day my whole world would revolve around scooters!

I am the designer, storyteller, and computer geek of this operation. I ride a Buddy 125.

Learn a little more about Cheeky Seats and be sure to show them some love as they have done for us.

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