Mod #2 - Rear Crash Bars

Rear crash bars are basically cowl protectors, designed to take the initial hit from a tip-over and protect the cowls – a pricey part to repair or replace on a Vespa, and unfortunately the most likely place to get damaged in a drop. I don’t intend to drop or crash the scoot anytime soon, but you never know. With the GT200 on the kickstand, a few meddlesome kids or a really strong wind at just the right angle could knock it right over. One of the nice things about starting out with a scoot that’s already ten years old is that it already has some scratches and repainted areas on the cowls, so I’m not stressed about ruining anything really. The crash bars will hopefully just keep it from getting worse in the event of any other times when the cowl meets the ground.

I told myself that my first scooter mods were all going to be in the name of safety, nothing cosmetic for awhile. I want to do a ton of things that all cost money, so this seemed like a smart way to prioritize. But this deal was too good to pass up: Prima crash bars normally retail for over $100, but I found them in the garage sale section of Scooterworks’ website (registered users only!) for $36. That’s ridiculous. Sold.