Smart Scooter Security

It is a truth universally acknowledged in the scooter community that a thief in possession of a certain determination will get your scoot if he wants it. A visiting friend asked with raised eyebrows whether the Vespa was safe parked in the alley lot behind my apartment, so I filled her in. The goal of scooter security is to deter theft, to make your scoot as unappealing to a thief as possible so they simply don’t bother. I take a few different measures to secure mine.

  1. Unbranded cover. In addition to protecting my Vespa from the elements, this makes her less visible to anyone passing through with insidious intentions. I don’t have a garage, so when she’s parked in the alley lot, the cover is on. A Vespa-branded cover could call attention to the fact that there’s a top brand scooter under there, so I stick with this cheapie. (Mine was free from the previous owner, but a basic cover is around $50 on Amazon, and nicer ones incre