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The Vespa Club of America is pleased to announce a new blog writer joining us, Kevin Hahn, AKA, OKCGravity. As you may know, VCOA has been seeking individuals willing to write pieces to share with the VCOA members and scooter community, our so-called VCOA Content Curators.

Hello, my name is Kevin Hahn and I am an Oklahoma native residing in Dallas TX.

I got my first scooter back in 2011 and picked up a Buddy 150 Pamplona. I loved this scoot and put 10k miles on it in a little over 1 year due to my job at the time had a lot of local runs that I could make on the bike. Sadly I got run over on that bike, and up graded to a 2012 Vespa GTS 300 Super in Matte Black.

Once I had the Vespa I started looking into Rally’s and the like. Went to the New Orleans and Memphis AmeriVespa Events and had an amazing time, as well as local rallies such as Mods vs Rockers, and the North Texas Lakes Rally. Many of these events my Fiancee Melanie Archer joined me as a passenger.

Last year Melanie was ready for her own bike and we found a cheap Aprilia Mojito 50cc for her to learn on. We then custom painted it with a color changing sparkle because she wanted it to be pretty, and I wanted her to like it :)

I am a Videographer/Editor by trade and have always taken basic GoPro video at the rallies I have gone to, but recently a friend and I have been toying with Moto Vlogging some of our scooter adventures, so keep an eye out for that.

I have also recently dipped into the vintage world, ok not dipped, BELLY FLOPPED. I picked up a 1981 Bajaj AutoRickshaw 2 stroke 150 model. I don’t care how rare you think your parts are, most likely you have a way batter chance of finding parts than I do. I have gotten it running with the hope of eventually renting it out for weddings. My Fiancee and I actually took our engagement photos with it and had a blast.

You can find me online on Instagram - scootinwithkev / Youtube - okcgravity / Modern Vespa - okcgravity

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