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Seattle Vespa Auction

Official press release:

The Vespa Club of America is very pleased to announce a huge scooter auction happening at the end of our national scooter rally Amerivespa Seattle July 6-9. One of our long time members and supporters is auctioning off their huge collection of mostly Vespas, both new and old, Lambrettas and a lot of funky other bikes. Many desirable bikes in this nearly 200 bike auction. More details can be found at . A full catalog of bikes should be up by May 12. While there will be a live bidding site we hope you will join us for a fun filled weekend in our 25th anniversary celebration. Then you can take home your new acquisition(s).

Hope to see you at Amerivespa!

#auction #amerivespa2017 #amerivespaauction #vintage #nealandsons

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