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VCOA Blogger - Roberta, AKA: ANARCHONE

The Vespa Club of America is pleased to announce a new blog writer joining us in the near future, Roberta. As you may know, VCOA is currently seeking individuals willing to write pieces to share with the VCOA members and scooter community. Roberta jumped at the chance to write for the VCOA and offered up her blog for review, which we LOVE!

So, we would like to introduce you to Roberta and share her personal blog with you to follow. Roberta is a new Vespa owner and we loved the smile on her face sitting on her new blue Sprint. Expect to see more pieces from Roberta in upcoming VCOA blog posts and publications, thanks for your willingness to share your talent with us, Roberta.

From Roberta (ANARCHONE)'s Blog:

"I must say that riding a Vespa around town isn’t just a mode of transportation, its a statement of sorts. I live in the homeland of Harley Davidson (Wisconsin) and being a Vespa rider here, I get mixed reactions. First of all, my Harley friends are happy to see me on two wheels. They are a bit perplexed about why I’d choose a scooter, much less a Vespa.

What is a scooter? Wikipedia defines a “scooter or motor scooter is a motorcycle with step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet.” Frankly, without this feature I couldn’t ride a motorbike. I’ve always loved Triumph motorcycles, but just couldn’t picture myself on one, not comfortably anyway!

But why a Vespa? Aren’t all scooters basically the same? I have found that the name Vespa has become what Kleenex is for tissues – the term is iconic. Recently I was telling a Harley co-worker of mine that I got a Vespa. She tells me “so and so” has a Vespa and rides it to work all the time. Really? I’ve never seen a Vespa in the parking lot – scooter yes, Vespa no. Not that other scooters aren’t nice. Some are downright beautiful in their own right – a Honda Metropolitan comes to mind and some are more utilitarian – the Honda Ruckus is a great example of this. However, I have always wanted a VESPA since I first saw them back in the ’60s. When the opportunity came to get one for my own was coupled with the technology built into them now, including ABS brakes, I knew it was now or never. I’m not getting younger and my bucket list could use some items checked off.

I’m looking forward to making the Vespa a regular part of my life and it will free up some miles on my Subaru too! The important thing is to enjoy my journey through life and stay safe too."

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