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AV Sponsor Spotlight - Heidenau Tires

VCOA and the Amerivespa team are excited to announce Heidenau Tires as an Amerivespa 2017 sponsor!

Learn a little more about Heidenau Tires and be sure to show them some love as they have done for us.

"Heidenau is what you expect a tire to be!

We pride ourselves on delivering what you’d expect from a tire. Whether you’re riding off-road, cornering, or in wet conditions, Heidenau Tires strive to fulfill the highest standards of quality. Our technologically innovative finishing processes, high quality raw materials, and close cooperation with government regulation guarantee you a reliable and well-crafted product that truly lives up to the phrase “Made in Germany.”

Learn more about Heidenau's scooter tires HERE.

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