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The VCOSD Inaugural "No fools Ride" to the Torque Moto Café was well attended with over 35 motor scooter enthusiasts riding. The weather was sunny and a balmy 72 degrees making for perfect riding weather. The short ride started from Vespa Motor Sports on Pacific Highway and meandered along the San Diego’s waterfront by the San Diego Maritime Museum and the Midway Aircraft carrier, then on by the convention center, then on through Barrio Logan, then on through Balboa Park and finally making our way up 30th Street to our destination, the Torque Moto Café.

The folks at the Torque Moto Café were gracious hosts allowing us the run of the place and given the size of the crowed, did and wonderful job serving up various beverages, sandwiches, pastries, desserts, and other fine hot food and salads. In addition, we were all entertained by a live two-member band. The Vespa Club also wishes to thank Vespa Motor Sports for providing the various raffle prizes. Thanks to all who attended and making this a wonderful event.

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