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AV Sponsor Spotlight -

VCOA and the Amerivespa team are excited to announce as a premiere veteran Amerivespa 2017 sponsor!

Learn a little more about and be sure to show them some love as they have done for us.

"For our part, Scooterwest is committed to carrying only the highest quality scooters, parts and accessories. From a huge selection of original Piaggio parts for your vintage Vespas to the latest and greatest add-ons for your soon-to-be classic, we have everything you need to get out on the road and stay on the road for life.

We've got high-quality parts to restore your high-quality vintage Vespa.

We've also got some top-of-the-line accessories for new scooters ranging from new Vespas to the Genuine Buddy to new scooters made by Honda and Yamaha.

We've even got a selection in our shop of the elite bikes in the new scooter world, the consistently highest-rated new scooters on the market. These bikes have been making a reputation for themselves through their reliability, style, and fun factor. Our customers love them and we do too."

Learn more about's history HERE.

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