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Vespa World Days Belfast June 14th – 17th 2018

Since 1946, Piaggio has sold over 18 Million units worldwide which has made the Vespa scooter an Iconic mode of transport throughout the decades of the past and many more to come.

In 1952 the Vespa Club of Britain was founded and is the longest running Scooter Club in the UK—we are a non-profit organisation working as an "Owners and Enthusiasts Club" for our 3,100 members.

Each year a National Vespa Club puts on a World event that attracts thousands of Vespa enthusiasts from around the world and they not only come for the Vespa event, they enjoy sampling the local food, drink and the Culture.

An area is set up for all the Vespa riders and enthusiasts called the "Vespa Village" where a large selection of stalls are erected by companies, clubs and Piaggio themselves displaying merchandise and memorabilia for the public to peruse and buy.

The Vespa Village is the main focal point for everybody to meet old and new friends from around the world and to share their travelling experiences—not only to this event, but to other events that are held all over Europe.

In 2014, Italy held the Vespa World Days event in Mantova, which is in the North of the country and attracted the largest ever gathering of Vespa Scooters with a total of 10,000 Vespas from 32 Countries and 132 National Clubs.

The following year was in Biograd on the West coast of Croatia which attracted over 5,000 Vespas and held in beautiful holiday settings which meant that Croatia was then put firmly on the map for future family holidays amongst many of the visiting scooter enthusiasts.

Over the years the organisation of the Vespa World Days has become more involved for the Host Nation, especially as the years go by, the bar of achievement by the Volunteers, and more so the expectancy from the Vespa Enthusiasts travelling hundreds, even thousands of miles, is pushed higher each year.


2018 is the year that the Vespa Club of Britain has been offered the chance to show the rest of the Vespa World Family what we, and Belfast, can offer to the Vespa World Days Community.

The venue for Vespa World Days 2018 is the Titanic Quarter of Belfast. Titanic by name, Titanic by nature, Belfast's Titanic Quarter is one of the world's largest urban-waterfront regeneration projects. Master-planned over 185 acres on the site where RMS Titanic was designed and built, Titanic Quarter is redefining what it means to work, live, play and stay in central Belfast.

The Vespa Village will be located on the exact spot the Titanic was built and visitors will be able to walk in the steps of the people who built the ship.

It's also not far from the heart of Belfast city centre. View the location map to see some landmarks you may like to visit while you're here—most in walking distance from the Titanic Quarter.



We have the opportunity to offer all of our guests from around the world, the experience of Northern Ireland steeped in History, Myths and legends and to send them home with stories of their adventures and the friendships that they have made with other long distance Vespa travellers and their new Irish Friends.

Doors will open on Thursday 14th June 2018 at 10am. to an estimated 4,000 - 5,000 Vespa Enthusiasts over that weekend, where the registrations of participants will take place for "Full" or "Lite" ti