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Club & Rally Promotion Opportunity – Amerivespa Rally Bags

The VCOA strongly supports and encourages local scooter clubs and their rallys across the US. As this years Amerivespa rally is in Seattle, we also would like to encourage our Canadian clubs to promote their club & rallys as well. All scooter clubs nation wide that wish to promote their club and/or rally at Amerivespa can do so at no charge. Clubs must provide their own promotional material (cards, flyers, brochures, etc.) which will be put into every rally bag.

Promotional material must:
  • Promote a local scooter club or rally

  • NOT be commercial. Any commercial material will be returned to the club, or the may be included in Amerivespa rally bags at an additional expense to be paid for by the promoting club (contact Jac for additional infomration on commercial advertisement expense)

  • Be a minimum quantity of 600 pieces

  • Be in the hands of the VCOA no later than May 18, 2017

The VCOA welcomes your material, your club or rally organizers are responsible for the cost of printing and mailing any materials to the VCOA.

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