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VCOA Membership Program Changes 2017

Dear Scooterist ,

Ever want to join 1000’s of people who share the same love of scootering you do? Ever wanted to belong to a club that actually did things for you? Ever wanted discounts on the stuff you already buy?

Well then, we encourage you to take a moment and join the Vespa Club of America. We have a new and exciting membership program that we would like to share with you. We wanted to create club perks that were useful, not only to your scooter life but your lifestyle in general. With the recent development of our Membership Partner Program we have teamed up with some very exciting companies we think you will want to frequent.

While the list of Membership Partners is growing, here are a few of the companies that will give our members a discount anywhere from 10%-50% off. Condor, Jay Teske Leather Co., Kenda Tires, Scooter Skirts, John Fluevog Shoes, Kroops Goggles, Xena Security, Gerbing heated clothing and Cycle Gear.

What else do you receive with your $35 annual membership?

  • Welcome Letter

  • Club Patch

  • Club Stickers

  • Annual members year pin(different one each year)

  • Access to Members only online content, stories, product reviews & more

  • $5 discount on registration to Amerivespa

  • Membership Card with name and member number (acts as discount card for Membership Partners)

What exactly is the Vespa Club of America?

Founded in 1992, the Vespa Club of America or VCoA is a non-profit group that is dedicated to development of community and comradery generated by scooter enthusiast. We also act as historians for scooter culture here in the United States. While we promote many smaller clubs and events, we host the annual scooter celebration Amerivespa. The VCoA is a great group to find support for restoration, technical advice, rides either short or touring rides (like the Scooter Cannonball), or if you like to collect toys or memorabilia, you can find people to share your passion. The VCoA is the largest scooter club in the United States.

So what are you waiting for? Join the VCOA and get involved with enthusiastic riders like yourself. If you join by January 31, 2017 you’ll receive a 50% off coupon for BigEar.

Keeping the rubber side down,

Jac Carolan

President Vespa Club of America

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