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(Vespa) RED - 946 & Jimmy Kimmel

Shared from: Papa Wealey, Rideapart

Vespa has joined forces with "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in embracing (RED)'s fight against AIDS, with the latter dedicating two special episodes to it this week.

Founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) has contributed $360 million to the Global Fund in the battle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Vespa is a supporter of the project, even going so far as to have introduced a special model – the (Vespa 946) RED – to help promote the cause.

The first of the special episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" took place Tuesday. The second will take place next Wednesday, 30 November.

Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Kristen Bell and the band The Killers are a few of the guests who will be participating in this special broadcast, which launches Shopathon – a shopping marathon organized by (RED) during which the public will be able to purchase (RED) products – obviously red in color – developed a number of international brands. These are special-edition items, the sale of which will contribute to the dream of achieving an AIDS-free generation.

Vespa joins brands such as Apple, Nike, Bank of America, Starbucks and the Coca-Cola Co. in supporting the charity For each (VESPA 946) RED sold, $150 will be donated to the Global Fund and the fight against AIDS.

These funds will be distributed in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. (RED)'s support for the Global Fund has had an impact on more than 70 million people with prevention, treatment and consulting operations, as well as HIV tests and assistance services.

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