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Hello, color! The New 2017 Vespa Line - Introduced at EICMA

The EICMA which began Tuesday (11/8) has brought some new and exciting changes to the Vespa line of scooters. Vespa is bringing back a pop of color to the 2017 line of scooters. There are brand new colors being introduced - something we have all been waiting for.

While it's not clear if all colors will be available in the US (we presume & hope that they are), we know a little now from the recent brochure publication (keep in mind some engine displacement sizes shown below will not be available in the US).

All images are from the Vespa 2017 Collection Brochure (and copyright Vespa), you can request your copy HERE.

GTS TOURING 125 / 300 & PRIMAVERA TOURING 50 / 125 / 150: Red & brown

GTS SUPERSPORT 125 / 300 & SPRINT S 50 2T / 125 / 150: Opaque yellow and opaque silver

VESPA GTS 125 / 150 / 300: Silver, blue, black & beige

VESPA GTS SUPER 125 / 150 / 300: Green, black, red & white

VESPA PRIMAVERA 50 / 125 / 150: Coral, white, black, red & silver

VESPA SPRINT 50 / 125: Orange, green, white, black & red


In addition to the new colors, Vespa unveiled an electric version of it's beloved scooter (which looks to be styled after the Primavera / Sprint), the Vespa Elettrica and a new Vespa (RED) 946.

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