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AmeriVespa 2017 - Celebrating the Silver Jubilee in the Emerald City


September 27, 2016

Seattle, WA

Vespa Club of America (VCOA) in conjunction with Vespa Club of Seattle (VCOS) celebrate 25 years of Amerivespa with a return to Seattle for four days of two-wheeled fun geared toward scooter enthusiasts and the general public.

Amerivespa is the largest annual motor scooter rally in the United States attracting 600-800 people from across North America, Europe and Australia to promote riding, membership and provide a celebratory atmosphere for all attendees.

Events include:

  • Concours de’elegance: showcasing the best restored and custom scooters

  • Gymkhana: a riding skills competition

  • Scenic rides throughout the Puget Sound

  • Awards Banquet

  • Scooter raffle

  • Live music

  • Vendors

Registration: (NOW OPEN - begins October 1, 2016)


General Inquiries:

VCOA is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding motor scooters, and is a society for people who share the passion of vintage and modern scooters. Approximately 70% of the scooters originally sold in the United States were Vespas. However, many members also own Lambretta, Cushman, Heinkel, Zundapp, and other makes. VCOA supports the use of the scooter as an energy-efficient vehicle and economical mode of transportation that conserves fuel, reduces traffic congestion, and treads lightly on the overworked road system. While its origins are rooted on the iconic Vespa scooter, the VCOA welcomes all scooter enthusiasts regardless of what they ride.

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