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Vespa Settantesimo Series - 70th Anniversary Limited Editions

Vespa was born in Italy, near Pisa, in April 1946. To celebrate their 70th anniversary, Vespa has released three new scooters. Offered only in the 2016 line up, these scooters are quickly being scooped up at local Vespa dealers.

The Settantesimo series is offered in two dazzling limited-edition colors, Azzurro (green/blue) and Grigio (silver). Both colors are heavily pearlized giving them a "must see it to believe it" look. The gorgeous colors are complimented by a dark brown leather seat and matching leather top case that easily detaches from the chrome rear rack. In addition to their unique, once in a lifetime color, the 70th anniversary logo is laid into the seat, top case and found on the glovebox badge.

Holy smokes, are these things incredible! There are three models, two of which have hit the United States, the GTS 300 and the Primavera (50 cc and 150 cc). The PX series also is celebrated with a 70th anniversary edition but sadly is not available in the US.

Have you picked up one of these beauties? Show it off here, we would love to see it! For more information, check out

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