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RIZOMA Designer Accessories

Wow, RIZOMA is creating some nice looking accessories to dress up your GTS 300! Here is what their press kit has to say about their new line.

Italian spirit and style:

that's where we started from. Our R&D team designed a unique product line for VESPA: an iconic piece of Italian mobility.

We designed a collection of 8 products: we started with the steering cover, where its construction lines define a simple but determined component. It is machined from a block of 10 kilograms of solid aluminum

and transformed into 370 grams of lightness and perfection.

The longitudinal processing of the front mudguard crest hightlights the aerodynamic airflow-direction.

The glove compartment air inlet grids are machined to point out their cooling function.

We designed a lager side stand base in order to improve stability when parked on the cobbles or hot tarmac.

The driving kit includes  grips, brake levers and mirrors. Aluminum gives light to our SPORT grips while its rubber texture is designed to ensure the best grip with or without gloves.

As mirror we've chosen our SPIRIT RS that positioned on the external part of the handlebar grants better visibility. Its classic and simple design defines its elegance. Braking levers are adjustable and machined with a 3D pattern

that leaves the surface free from sharp edges.

Backside, we designed a minimalistic license plate support that perfectly matches VESPA's body. This homologated light kit acts as license plate light and position light as well.

The colour presence of our product line is dictated by market's trend, that is why we opted for BRONZE21 and the unmissable black. Besides giving colour and a very brilliant look to the product surface, the anodising process provides   an excellent protection.

As usual we focused on every detail, creating the perfect outfit where design meets movement.

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