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Starting a VCOA Chapter


                                                Thank you for your interest in starting a Vespa Club of America local chapter. We are glad you are                                                      excited to become part of our national family and a world organization. The VCOA is affiliated with                                                    the Vespa World Club.

                                    WHY START A VESPA CLUB?
                                                To build community. To have people to ride with. To support you when your bike breaks or if you                                                      break after an accident. It’s a great social network that’s not behind a backlit screen. You can take                                                      your club on rides and do things.

Our Mission: VCOA is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to riding Vespa scooters, and is a community sharing their passion of Vespa ownership in the United States. Members share a passion for vintage and modern Vespas. The VCOA welcomes all scooter enthusiasts. We gather to celebrate our love for Vespa with like minded people. We strive to portray the scooter community in a favorable light, promote education & awareness. We ride for our own benefits, but we also ride for community and comradery as well. Piaggio as Brand owner accepts that the Vespa World Club and its members (the clubs = legal entities, not the individual person) use the brand name within the given rules. So, no membership in the VWC means no legal Vespa Club. Irrespective of a possible OK from a national importer or Piaggio branch in the past or dealer. Essentially you have to register with us for your Vespa Club to be legal.


The short answer is a group of Vespa riding friends. Tradition tells us you need a little more. You need a cog badge. A cog badge lets the world know where you are from. Once you have a cog badge you may also want to think about a legshield banner. That goes on the front of your bike to let everyone know where you are from as you are riding.Often these things are traded amongst clubs. You may want to have a regular meet up space. Like a coffee shop or bar. Do weekly or monthly rides. What ever you and your clubmates do it should include your Vespa. Do you have an official meeting. Do you have a President, do you collect dues, hold a rally. That’s all up to you There are pros and cons for every organization type. Maybe while your club is small you don’t need much maybe as you grow you see the need to have more leadership. We can help you create your cog badge. All we really need is a photo of something iconic from your town or state. We’ll mock up a badge you approve it and then you’re all set

Members (we like 10)
Club Cog logo
Register your club with us
Shoot us an email as well tell us about your club.


List your club on our site
We do a write up on you in our newsletter, announce you on our Facebook page
We give you a list of Vendors for Cogs, Patches, Stickers and such
Help design your cog
Provide sample Charter, ways to organize
Will promote your event or meet up on website, newsletter, Facebook.
We provide Rally template, potential sponsors.

Again we welcome you to the world of Vespa Clubs. We are happy to help you in any way we can. Let’s build a community to let others know the joy of Vespa.

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