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VCOA Content Curators

With over 2,000 members, the VCOA is one of the largest scooter clubs in America. As a not-for-profit 501(c)7 entity, the VCOA work is funded entirely by membership fees, donations, sponsorships and we rely on volunteers to carry out our day-to-day activities.

We are looking for a club member to manage our website. Mostly just updating content but it would help if you have proven SEO, and Web advertising experience. We need to monetize the site just a little with relevant ads for our members. If you also have social media marketing experience its a huge plus.
To submit a resume send an email to


We are looking for someone to organize writers and proof their work. Its or belief that our members want to read about interesting things people do with their scooters. Rides in foreign lands, Scooters used in unique ways, Real people stories with a focus on amazing photos. Must drive monthly content to both our website and social media pages.

Ever wanted to be a published scooterist? Now is your chance. We are looking for engaging content for our web site and possible highlights in our newsletter. We are open to whatever you want to write about including scooters and travel. We also have some ideas of articles we think would be interesting if you need a push start. Test out that english degree you haven’t used in years, or dust off your old camera. Write for the VCOA today!
To submit a resume send an email to

We need a go to art person to create things like posters and patches for upcoming events. Looking for someone who can stylize the Vespa to help us spread our passion. If we use art for a sales project you will get reimbursed for your effort.
To s
ubmit a resume send an email to

Looking for members to help us engage/recruit new members. This can be achieved several ways. Simply going to rallies and speaking about the benefits of being a Vespa Club of America member, Setting up a membership booth at a local rally, engaging with your local scooter shop on the VCOA behalf, Setting up a VCOA Charter Club (usually through a dealer).
For more information please contact

Are you a natural leader? Are you good at planning fun rides? Can you get at least two other Vespa riders to join you for a ride the Third Sunday in June? National Vespa Parade Day is relatively new, started in 2018. We keep promoting this national event and every year it gets bigger. We supply leaders with stickers and flyers for the event. All we ask is that you share your photos of your event with us. Typically the local shop is happy to be the start or end point for your day long celebration of all things Vespa.
Interested in leading a ride contact


The VCOA is looking to expand the Board of Directors. We are specifically looking for women to round out our board and better reflect our membership. The Board supports the work of VCOA and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by VCOA’s Club President, the Board-President relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member responsibilities include:Help in selection of Amerivespa Host city’s,Work the VCOA booth at Amerivespa, Leadership, governance and oversight,Some fundraising. Don’t worry we do most the heavy lifting.
For more information please READ THIS PDF JOB OBJECTIVES and contact

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