Amerivespa is the national Vespa rally sponsored by Vespa Club of America (VCOA). Amerivespa provides a national event for Vespa enthusiasts to share their love of the iconic machines with each other and to promote an alternate lifestyle.

1993 Springfield, MO
1994 Springfield, MO
1995 Maintou Springs, CO
1996 Maintou Springs, CO
1997 Knoxville, TN
1998 Knoxville, TN
1999 San Diego, CA
2000 San Diego, CA
2001 Oklahoma City, OK
2002 Portland, OR
2003 Madison, GA
2004 Salt Lake City, UT
2005 Cleveland, OH
2006 Denver, CO
2007 Seattle, WA
2008 Chattanooga, TN
2009 Las Gatos, CA
2010 San Antonio, TX
2011 New Orleans, LA
2012 Lake Geneva, WI
2013 San Diego, CA
2014 New Orleans, LA
2015 Indianapolis, IN
2016 Memphis, TN
2017 Seattle, WA
2018 Richmond, VA
2019 Lake Geneva, WI
2020 Minneapolis MN

The Vespa Club of America is a non-profit organization registered federally with the IRS and with the state of Florida.

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